What's the point?


The mission of HG80 is to make people happy -- even for just a moment. I want to foster a stress-free environment where you can be yourself, let your creative side show, and have a good time doing it. 

A meal at HG80 should be entertaining, engaging, interesting, and fun. It should be a lighthearted experience -- a moment of whimsy and amusement with creative, surprising food in an interactive environment. You'll get tasty food, sure, but you'll also get trivia questions, fun facts, and puppy videos. Because...well, do I really need to explain why puppy videos?

Why don't you get a real job?

Josh mixing drinks while two men watch

After 15 years working as a mixologist/manager grunt in the restaurant/bar business, now I’m doing my own thing. I really enjoy being creative, working with my hands, and making people feel happy, respected, and loved. HG80 is a chance for me to do all of those at once! It's a crap-ton of work, but it gives me a platform to do good, be a productive part of society, and give back to my community.

Seriously, what's with the name?


In 2004, I adopted the most amazing greyhound from a rescue group in Dallas. He was a fast dog. He needed a fast name. I called him Mercury, and he was my best friend (ok, second best after my wife) for 10 years. HG80 is named in Mercury's memory. On the periodic table, Hg80 is the atomic symbol and number for the element mercury. He was a rescue dog, and I’ll donate a portion of profits to local animal rescue groups.