HG80 indoor setup with table

Private events

Each option includes personalized menu customization to fit your needs.

TRUCK SERVICE -- Minimum 2 hours service, 40 people

  • Best for larger groups, entertainment+ food, most options.
  • We park the food truck at your venue and serve your guests.
  • Added entertainment including music, puppy and kitten videos, trivia questions, fun facts and a creative space for guests to write/draw/graffiti on the truck.

INDOOR SERVICE --  Minimum 2 hour service, 40 people

  • Best for inclement weather and venues where guests can't easily get outside.
  • We'll set up a table indoors and serve your guests.

PICK-UP/DROP-OFF -- Microwave/stove required. 10 people minimum.

  • Best for small groups, informal gatherings, meetings, etc.
  • We package your food for you to serve at your leisure.
  • We'll provide taco trays, napkins, forks and serving utensils as well as step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the tacos


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